Humboldt Squid


These evil buggers are two metres long, incredibly intelligent, have tentacles covered in teeth and swarm in their thousands. What’s more they enjoy a chomp on human flesh once in a while so it’s no wonder the natives call them ‘el Diablo Rojo’ … the Red Devils.

There are many reports of huge shoals of Diablo Rojo’s attacking fishermen, divers, each other, underwater cameras, anything that they bally well actually see to be perfectly honest. What’s more the evil buggers shoal and attack with their tooth filled tentacles, that grab and tear and pull towards their sharp beak-like mouth which doesn’t sound like too much fun. Found in the Sea of Cortez and Northern Peru, the good news for our Stateside readers is they are spreading, multiplying … moving Northwards up through California … all the way up to Alaska. So do take care next time you take a dip.

Squid, along with the Octopus and the Cuttlefish make up the really rather clever Cephalopod family. The Cephalopods are in fact Molluscs, yes the same group of animals that include Snails, Slugs, Clams, Oysters, Mussels. Of course telling the Giant Humboldt Squid that they are in fact jumped up shellfish is not a very good idea.

In their short life spans the Cephalopods exhibit remarkable intelligence; some use tools, others appear to play and many have personalities. Of course the Humboldt Squid has a range of personalities these include; Git, Bastard, Tallywhacker and Bastard again.

The Humboldt Squid can communicate with one another. They have chromatophores in their skin that allow the Squid to quickly change colour to talk with other Squid, rather like a flashing billboard. No-one knows what the Squid are actually saying, it is however very likely that what they are saying … isn’t very nice.