Pigbutt worm


The ‘pigbutt worm’ or ‘flying buttocks’ is a naughty looking creature newly discovered in the oceanic abyss.

There is very little we can tell you about this delightful derriere as we’ve only discovered it and it lives so damn deep in the ocean.

We at The Proceedings are of course men of science, and like to deal in truths. All we can really say about the pigbutt worm is that we are rather fond of it. In fact for the above reasons it’s fair to say we like pigbutts and we cannot lie.

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  1. Indeed a friendly-looking thingy. It needs to grow the rest of the pig in order to be truly assessed, though, methinks…

  2. That is one funny (and somehow cute) lil’ creature you’ve got there!
    I now know what I want for Christmas! (joking by the way!)

    DaBigBadWolf =D

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