Blue Tailed Damselfly

The damselflies and the dragonflies are known as the odonata; the toothed jaws. Toothed in jaw they are for very good reason, for these are the birds of prey of the insect world… though in the case of the blue tailed damselfly the birds are too often preyed upon… making the chaps more like damsels.

'cooeee, anyone homo?'

Of course the Odonata could be considered birds of prey if raptors were a bit scarier, about one hundred times the size of their snacks, plucking tiny birds out of the sky, like iridescent and clanking clockwork toothy biplanes.

Which is all very well and good but why put these insect-botherers in The Proceedings? Well we are going to tell you… that is what we are here for… remember? It seems that the male blue-tailed damselfly exhibit some rather unusual behaviour if left to their own devices. If all fillies are removed from the chaps abode instead of retiring to the drawing room to talk cricket and affairs of state… they will start trying to court each other. Remarkably they will do little dances for the other chaps in a bid to see if they can find a potential suitor… though the rather short sighted researchers did not think to bob in miniature bits of furniture and haberdashery to see if they would start making the place look nice… nor did they investigate their hairdressing abilities.

'Quentin and Roger found the evening a rather gay affair'

Of course there is a sound biological reason for this same-sex behaviour, and it would be ridiculous to compare this ‘situational homosexuality’ in humans to said homo-erotic damselfly dances.

Thankfully we are rather ridiculous down here at the Proceedings and we try and act silly at the first available opportunity. What is more it doesn’t take a massive leap of imagination to realize that situational homosexuality is rather rife in institutions such as prison, boarding school, the navy, the continent etc.

'what, even in Her Majesty's Navy! Those seaman should be discharged!'

Even the toughest of tough guys have been taken in by this situational homosexuality. Don’t believe me?… well take the example of Colditz Castle in World War II. The infamous castle set atop a cliff in Saxony was perhaps the most famous prisoner of war camp that the Nazis put together… here the most remarkable Allied heroes were sent to prevent them from escaping; fighter pilot ace Sir Douglas Bader, founder of the SAS Sir David Stirling, Captain Charles Upham the only person to receive the Victoria Cross twice. The list could go on. The tales of derring-do and escape from Colditz are of course renowned though there is a short tale that is less oft told. To pass the time of day the inmates would stage plays and of course that required a dame. A young soldier who with respect will go unnamed was perfect for the role, a rather feminine young chap with a beautiful singing voice. More and more the beautiful young officer would sing, and slowly many of the inmates developed a crush on him. Soon they were showering him with gifts and people would hold open doors in corridors for him and doff their cap in a most gentlemanly fashion.

Back to the delightful blue tailed damselfly, and yes there is a genuine biological reason this same sex behaviour can be brought about by simple experimentation. The female damselflies come in a variety of colours and these fillies only need to mate once in their life. They are rather frigid as fillies go and will go to great lengths to avoid having to spend time humping, they only need to find one mate for their life, and they much prefer chomping on insects and what not… so to avoid too much unwanted attention, some of the fillies simply look a bit more like the male variants

So there we have it a male damselfly that can be made to act like a dame because the dame can act like a chap! Huzzah!

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