Frilled Shark


Dear gads what the hell is it? Bugger I’ve spilt my G and T. Aaaaah! The frilled shark, so named because living in the deep sea he’s always just positively ecstatic to be invited to a soiree at the surface.

... it really is awfully nice of you to invite me

... it really is awfully nice of you to invite me

Oh alright then it’s because he’s got big frilly gills. The fossil record shows that the frilled shark has been around for eighty million years, that’s a long time ago… about the same time that the relatives of birds gave up on the whole teeth idea… and evolved beaks. See I told you it was a long time ago. Now where were we… ah yes, you see the frilled shark was in fact thought to be extinct up until the 19th Century when a corpse washed up onto the shores of Japan.

Of course it’s often said that many have been spotted since the Middle Ages, it’s just that back then they quite reasonably surmised that they were sea serpents. Speaking of serpents it’s also hypothesized that the frilled shark strikes at its prey… much like a snake snatching at a mouse.

That’s about it for this lovely shark, one last thing, it gives birth to live young, sounds odd i know but many shark do, and quite remarkably it has the longest pregnancy in the entire animal kingdom, twice as long as an slephant in fact. For three and a half years she will waddle through the benthos bearing her young, self-righteously eyeing other sharks who have happily found a seat, thankfully for the expectant mum she wont have to breast feed.

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  1. sorry old bean, i can’t put up a post that contains bad language, no matter how accurate it is!
    feel free to recomment, if not cheers for popping by

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