Clown fish have had it good of late… world-famed actors and bon vivants they’re the fishy toast of tinseltown. What those Hollywood types didn’t tell you is that this chap wants to be a chick. Of course we at the Proceedings of the Ever so Strange are liberal minded souls and we salute transvestisism… for one thing we think it takes balls.

Mum what's a transvestite?  .... That's your Father ... Ask your Mother ... He should know

Mum what's a transvestite? .... That's your Father ... Ask your Mother ... He should know

Now lets get the goggles on these superb little fellows. You see the Clownfish, also called the Anemone fish, lives in symbiosis with a clown … sorry… Anemone. Anemones are big stingy buggers, but for some hotly debated reason the fish are impervious to their nastiness. Which makes an Anemone a rather good hiding place. Of course the Anemone doesn’t act like a watery pub for no reason… he gets cleaned by the fish, all that swimming back and forth really helps with water circulation, and as if that wasn’t enough… it also gets to eat all the fish poo.

Naturally living in wibbly stingy things isn’t the really remarkable thing about Clownfish. You see what every schoolboy Clownfish wants to be when he grows up isn’t a Spaceman or a Train driver. What they really want to be… is a she. You see all Clownfish are born as chaps. They live together as a group of a male and female breeding pair and a number of undeveloped males. When the female dies the dominant male takes the unprecedented step of turning into a dame. He, obviously now a she, will take on all female duties… laying eggs… being bally lovely… tittle tattle. This of course isn’t ideal for their acting careers… though there is talk of an opening in the comic book adaptation of X Men.

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