Tar Baby Termites


Suicide Bomber Bugs

These fellows have worse eating habits than the Scots… of course a termite’s food of choice is wood, unlike a Scot of course … their chosen type of food is drink. Termites find that small bits of wood are a bit easier on the mandibles so furniture and other bits of houses make a fine supper. So fine in fact that Termites cause more than $5 BILLION of damage in the US alone every single year. What’s more this wee chap can actually chew through concrete.

i say ... is this bar tender?

i say ... is this bar tender?

It was assumed that Termites are related to that other enormous group of six-legged fiends… the ants. Up until now that is, through the new-fangled jiggery-pokery of DNA analysis it’s been discovered that termites are actually cockroaches.

Though today we are having a quick peruse of one social-cockroach in particular. The tar baby termite, you see this Ever-so-Strange chap has evolved a rather effective manner of defence against marauding ants. It quite simply explodes, killing itself in the process, leaving behind a sticky impassable goo … and it’s attacker in a sticky situation … so that his nest mates can live on. Rather commendable I’m sure you’ll agree. Now if anyone can find a video of this I’ll buy them half a mild… until then here’s a photo.



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