The gelada lives in the mountains of Ethiopia in huge groups, where they sit around for most of the day eating grass and grooming. For this reason they have evolved two rather human adaptations to their environment. The first is that next to humans they have the most advanced opposable thumb in the animal kingdom to pluck grass with… the second is big fat buttocks to sit on.


It’s also noteworthy that this is the ape that likes to live at the highest altitudes, again apart from humans. Though it is somewhat of a mystery as to why the gelada like to climb to 4,500m above sea level, as there is no food up there, the best suggestion so far is that they quite simply like the view.

To show that they are frightened gelada flip up their lip to reveal their enormous incisors, which conversely is enough to give serious heebie-jeebies into any other living being in the planet.


Though it is the markings on its chest that really propel this ape into the Proceedings of the Ever So Strange. You see as the females private parts are covered by her fat buttocks and sitting around all day, it means the male can’t tell when she is ready to mate. So the lady gelada has evolved to mimic an exact replica of her bits on her chest, which swell and blister when she is in season. Curiously the male has also evolved this lady-bits shape on his chest too. At least curious until you consider the human animal … you see humans spend much of their time sitting around on their fat buttocks. So humans have evolved protrusions on their face… lips we like to call them… that mimic the female genitalia … even the males have them.

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  1. Auuuuuuuugh!! Okay, I didn’t think I’d ever heard of this thing before, but I’m pretty sure I HAVE heard of a primate that flips up its lip like that. So I don’t know. I can only hope that it’s the ONLY one that does that…

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