Slow Loris


They’re known as simpletons, have the fastest snatch in the west and were nearly wiped out by the Vietnam war.

Oh he may look cute and cuddly but he’s a vicious brute … not really … he’s utterly useless apart from being adorable.

Known in Indonesia as Malu Malu, the shy one. The Loris got their European name from the Dutch for sluggish, or possibly from the older Dutch word for clown or simpleton.

The adorable dullards slowly bimble through the treetops at night moving one limb at a time, presumably so as to not to clamber on to an unsuitable branch. They wander up to any prey they can and with a lightning quick snatch grab it with both hands.

Sadly the little fellow is hunted for his eyes as they are used in traditional medicines… which simply proves what remarkably intuitive and imaginative people traditional medicine makers can be. The Pygmy Slow Loris was nearly wiped out by in the Vietnam war due to the utter annihilation of the rainforest.

The Slow Loris has a veritable arsenal of defences just in case it gets in to a spot of bother. If it’s attacked it will not hesitate for a moment to lick its attacker, a dastardly and evil thing to do I know, but it’s spit contains a venomous liquid, venom so powerful that it may cause slight swelling, terrifying stuff for any would be marauding teeth filled ball of nasty. Probably its best defence is that it is just sooo adorable, rumour has it that Pol Pot squealed like a little schoolgirl when he first saw one … thankfully it has one final defence, if it is in mortal peril it will pull out the big guns and for want of a better word … squeak.


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  1. […] dimness that sets him apart from the other Mammals, perhaps not that unrelenting dunce the Slow Loris, but we’ll get to him […]

  2. Those eyes! Weird!!!!!

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