Jewel Beetle


These smashing chaps really like the hot stuff. In fact they’ve evolved a magnificent array of senses to make sure they can fly right into a blazing inferno. That’s right they actually fly straight for forest fires.

This may all sound like some beetloid hara kiri and a rather swift move out of the gene pool, but this behaviour is not as downright daft as one would first think. The jewel beetles are heading to the forest fire as it’s somewhat of a blank canvas, the heat destroys all the enemies of this rather wonderful chap. All the birds and what not that think of the jewel beetle as a rather fine brunch, all the other beastly creatures that compete to be at the front of the dinner queue, even the little rapscallions and gadabouts that wouldn’t think twice at gobbling up the jewel beetle’s young. So what better than the scene of a recent toasting for a bit of rumpy-pumpy and given time to hear the pitter-patter of weeny beetle feet.

Remarkable footage of the splendid Jewel Beetle

What is truly splendid is the jewel beetle’s ability to find fire. Their senses must crackle and blaze more than the fire itself when there a forest is torched, they can smell the charring of the forest like a shark sniffs out miniscule amounts of blood, they have an eerie knack of hearing the crackling of wood of a flame on a twig, they even have an extra sense that spots the infra red what-nots emitted by a forest fire. Indeed the jewel beetle can spot a fire from fifty miles away. Rather smashing hot stuff isn’t he!

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