Honey Badger (Ratel)


This little gadabout really really likes to eat honey, a bit like Winnie the Pooh! The difference between this cutey and Winnie the Pooh of course is that Tigger’s best mate won’t attempt to bite off your tallywhacker.

If you ever see a honey badger on the loose run … run for all you bally well have. This chap, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the World’s most fearless animal. What’s more, rumour has it, that its favoured method of attack is straight for the family jewels.

Another favoured snack is a cobra and other poisonous snakes. If it just so happens that it gets bitten by one of its deadly meals, and yes we are talking about the sort of slithery customer that could take down a rhino, the honey badger collapses on the spot, has a bit of a snooze and wakes up a couple of hours later, none worse for wear.

If a lion is daft enough to get a honey badger in its jaws, the badger can spin around inside it loose skin and start biting and tearing at the Lion’s face. Not surprisingly lions rarely attack honey badgers more than once.

Humans for the most part don’t fair too well either. African bushmen say if a honey badger moves in to your village… it’s time to move.

Sadly though other some rather unsporting practices of trapping then killing and also poisoning ratels is having a real impact on their population, which they find really annoying… and the last thing you want to do is annoy a honey badger.

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