Eye Lash Mite


The Human body on average contains ten trillion cells (that’s 10,000,000,000,000 in case you were wondering … you weren’t … oh, alright then I’ll get on with it). In that ten trillion cells that you call you, there are seventy five trillion foreign cells. Yes that’s seven and a half times more cells of different creatures living in or on you right now. So how can you call yourself you? Answer me that … anyway I digress, I’ve been drinking at Dr Hendryks’ house again.

Anyway the Rt Hon Dr Hendryks has in his care a new device by the name of a ‘microscope’ and it is through this remarkable device we are able to meet our latest Proceeding of the Ever so Strange. Say good day to the Eye Lash Mite Demodex folliculorum isn’t he adorable? Guess where he lives? That’s right you’ve got them dilly-dallying all over your eyelids right now.


Happily they are incredibly minute, between .3mm and .4mm long and if you want to see one then carefully remove an eyelash and pop it under a microscope.

They are obviously no bother and under normal circumstances cause us absolutely no harm, apart from giving us a slightly weird feeling that our eyelashes just aren’t quite as welcome as they once were. To be fair they are actually rather handy little things, hoovering up all the flotsam and jetsom that are at the bottom of each eyelash… like crabs on a beach… i rather like that… At the end of a hard day they like nothing better than a constitutional stroll and go for a promenade around your face while you snooze. Thankfully they are very polite guests, and as their digestive system is so efficient there isn’t any waste which means you don’t have to worry about them using your face as a lavatory.


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  1. Nice ( and a bit freaky) animals

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