Asian Giant Hornet


You know hornets, like big wasps, scary things? The Asian giant hornet eats hornets. They eat forty in a minute.

They are huge evil buggers, about the size of a small bird if of course small birds were evil. What’s more they are fast, which is never a good thing in evil buggers, hitting top speeds of twenty five miles per hour.

what are you looking at?

what are you looking at?

I know dear reader, by now this is beginning to sound like it’s made up! I suppose you think I’m going to say something silly like it’s sting can dissolve human flesh. What … it can … really? That’s it I am never going to Asia.

So what actually bothers Asian giant hornets? Well you do forget that the big evil bugger lives in Japan, which rivals China in the ‘if it moves it must be food’ ethos, where the locals like to eat them deep fried or as sushi, sounds delightful. Not content with eating the wibbly insides of said hornet, there is a very fashionable drink with an extract of giant hornet saliva. Olympic gold winning marathon runner Naoko Takahashi swears by the stuff saying it improves both endurance and the speed of her running. Well if she thinks that drinking its spit makes her run fast she should try meeting one of the buggers.


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